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NEC WT615: Touch me

NEC's WT615 is the first step towards a Minority Report-style world, with the ability to interact with a computer just by touching points on the projected image

Crave was on hand at the launch of NEC's new interactive projector, the dreamily named WT615, a clever product that allows you to control the image displayed on the wall or screen by touching it. Unfotunately, this doesn't mean that you can pause Tomb Raider and 'manipulate' Angelina Jolie, but you can click through links on Web pages just by pressing the spot on the wall where they're being displayed.

The projector comes equipped with a pen-shaped device you use to click on the image. The WT615 interprets where you're pressing and passes this information on to the computer via USB. The projector itself is also pretty nifty -- it can be placed right in front of the screen or wall because it boasts the world's shortest throw ratio. It can produce a 2m image less than 45cm from the display.

The WT615's interactivity means that it's being marketed at the business world (which no doubt explains the salmon-pink suit in the picture on the right). This means that at the moment this technology isn't really aimed at the home cinema crowd. The DLP chipset is XGA resolution (i.e. not widescreen) and the 37dB fan noise will drown out the soundtrack of a romantic comedy film. But the 3500:1 contrast is high and the HDCP connectivity means it's Sky HD compatible. There's also a non-touchscreen version called the WT610, which costs around £2,600.

The  NEC WT615 is on sale for around £4,300. For more on the WT615, tune into our next podcast on 2 March. -GC