Mothers Day 2019: How not to piss off your mom this year

Today is the final day to get your mom something great.

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Mother's Day  is finally here, and if you haven't bought your mom anything yet, you're probably frantic. Maybe you're planning on buying the last of the $30 flowers at the local market, but let's be honest, you can do better than that.

Perfume, chocolates, brunch and salon time are all classic gifts, but your mom has diverse interests. How about a new fitness tracker like a Fitbit or a paid Netflix subscription? A clever kitchen gadget or sound-canceling headphones to tune out daily stressors are other great options.

Remember, you don't have to spend a fortune to get her an awesome gift (see our collection below for gifts under $50). Above all, your present should be thoughtful and personal even if you're shopping last minute.

Here are some great gift ideas for moms of every stripe.

Start with these ideas...


Get your mom some of the coolest new tech.

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Personalize your mom's gift

Get her something amazing, even on a budget

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Originally published May 3.