Marware Game Grip for iPhone and iPod Touch

Marware introduces the Game Grip, a game control-like case that takes advantage of the tilt sensor in the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Jasmine France Former Editor

The Sony PSP is a gaming system first and a media player second. The iPhone and iPod Touch are the other way around: media players first and gaming systems second...or third, or fourth. (And, yes, I say that the iPhone is a media player before a cell phone.) Regardless of what they are, there's no reason not to take full advantage of a device's secondary features. Enter the Marware Game Grip, a $50 case for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Now, if you're thinking that $50 is a bit over the top for a silicone device holder, I'd have to agree with you. But the Game Grip isn't just a case...it's two cases. OK, that's still not entirely impressive given the price point. However, people who use their iPhones and iPod Touches to play a lot of games--especially those that make use of the tilt-sensor--may beg to differ. The main case included with the Game Grip provides game controller-like "handles" to flank either side of the player, along with an integrated cable management system for your headphone connection and pass-through charging. The set-up no doubt offers a more ergonomic gaming experience. When you're not gaming, you can employ the second case--a simple silicone skin--to protect your investment. The Game Grip is available now on the Marware Web site.