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Magico V2: A bargain-priced $18,000 speaker

Magico is set to introduce its least expensive speaker ever, the V2 floorstander for $18,000 a pair.


Times are tough, and even high-end speaker manufacturers are feeling the pinch.

Take Magico, for instance. Its soon to be released V2 speaker is $9,000 less expensive than the current entry-level model, the V3. The brand's probably most famous for its Mini II monitors that go for $29,600. The top of the range Ultimates run, gulp, $329,000! Don't worry, all prices are per pair.

The V2 is certainly built like a Magico; its got the solid aircraft grade aluminum front baffle attached to a 17-ply, vertically stacked Baltic Birch wood cabinet. The entire cabinet is stiffened with aluminum tensioning rods. I haven't seen the V2, but if it's anything like the other Magicos it will be a truly stunning work of industrial design. The V2 is 42 inches high and weighs 120 pounds.

The V2 is a 2.5-way design featuring a pair of 7-inch Nano-Tech woofers and a 1-inch Ring Radiator tweeter.

The V3 received a rave review in the May issue of Stereophile magazine.

Oh, there's one catch to the V2: it won't be available in time for Christmas; deliveries begin early next year. Magico was founded a decade ago in Berkeley, Calif.