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Luxury headphones for sky-high budgets

CNET editors round up a selection of headphones and earbuds suitable for those with an unlimited budget. Includes luxury models from Ultrasone, Shure, and more.

Shure SE535
The Shure SE535 Sound Isolating Earphones is just one set that made the cut. Josh Miller/CNET

A set of headphones is often considered an audio accessory, but the truth is that this "extra" can outlast your MP3 player if you treat it right. After all, headphone technology doesn't evolve swiftly enough to warrant purchasing a new pair every year or so. As such, investing a hefty chunk of change in earphones isn't really a waste, and though it's true that $100 or less can get you a decent model, there are even sweeter-sounding options available for those with luxury-level budgets.

To that end, we've rounded up a selection of high-end headphones that will satisfy even the pickiest listeners. And as some of you prefer a cushy fit, whereas others prize portability, we were sure to include both full-size models and earbuds. The one thing all of these 'phones have in common is that they'll all set you back at least $350--and they're worth it.

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