Lovefilm on track to stream Thomas and Friends, Pingu too

Lovefilm has added a load of classic and new kids' TV shows, including Chuggington, Thomas and Friends, Fireman Sam and Pingu.

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Richard Trenholm

"What shall we watch?" said Thomas. "How about Thomas and Friends, Fireman Sam and Pingu, now streaming on Lovefilm?" said Thomas.

Yes, as the excitable little blue tank engine says, Lovefilm has added a load of classic and new kids' TV shows, including Chuggington, Where's Wally, Bob the Builder and Kipper to stream.

The new episodes of Thomas and Friends include feature-length movies that can't be streamed elsewhere, including the plucky engine tackling a Blue Mountain Mystery, a Misty Island Rescue, and a Day of the Diesels.

Lovefilm has secured the much-loved shows by inking a deal with independent children's entertainment producers HIT Entertainment, Ludorum, and DreamWorks Classics. The deals also extend the rights to Rupert Bear, Postman Pat and Casper the Friendly Ghost, as well as Transylvanian Pet Shop, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Noddy in Toyland, and more.

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