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Logitech's Alexa-powered Harmony Express remote will stop working Sept. 30

The maker of tech peripherals released the $250 universal remote just last year.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Logitech is shutting down its Alexa-powered universal remote after launching it just last year. The $250 Harmony Express will stop working Sept. 30.  

Logitech didn't offer much explanation about its decision to discontinue the remote, beyond saying in an announcement Thursday that its "expectations were not met."

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The Harmony Express did away with most of the traditional remote buttons, letting you use Alexa-powered voice commands to control stuff and watch your favorite channels. CNET's 2019 hands-on lauded the gadget's ease-of-use and intuitive design, but complained about the steep price compared with options like the Harmony Companion and Caavo Control Center.

Logitech is offering refunds to people who bought a Harmony Express remote, or an upgrade to a Harmony Elite remote at no additional cost. You have until Dec. 31 to redeem a refund or request a new remote via the Harmony Express app.