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Listening to music in bed: Try it, you might like it

In-bed listening just makes sense, doesn't it?

Steve Guttenberg/CNET

It was a first for me, but one of my friends has his very high-end system in his bedroom. He didn't have any other hi-fi in his apartment, just in his bedroom, and the speakers were setup to be listened to only in bed. So I felt a little weird when he suggested I get in his bed and take a listen, that was a little strange.

I'm more of a living room-oriented listener, but I'm sure basements are good places for hi-fi or home theater systems, maybe a large kitchen would do. Then again, if you spend a lot of time in the bathroom, that might work too.

But this bedroom system sounded pretty good, and the idea of making your cozy bed the prime listening location, especially for people who live in apartments, really started to make sense. The room also had impressive art on the walls, but the hi-fi took center stage and was the real focus of the room (which did not have a TV) because music was his thing.

Of course, you could add a display for a dual-purpose music and home theater system, but I was fascinated by the idea of keeping the focus solely on music. It elevates the status of music, you go to this room to put yourself in the space where music takes you to another place. It's an escape.

Plan B for the bedroom might involve headphones instead of speakers and, sure, I've done that. Fidelity will be as good as your headphones allowand you'll be nice and relaxed. Maybe too relaxed -- I usually fall asleep while listening to music in bed. A turntable in the bedroom, sitting right next to your bed for easy access might also be worth a try.

Where do you primarily listen to music at home? Share your thoughts in the Comments section.