LG unveils 12 4K televisions for 2014

LG has announced its full lineup of 4K televisions for 2014 with 12 models including a monster 105-inch LCD and two curved OLED series.

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The mammoth 105-inch 105UC9 will feature 4K compatibility and an unusual 21:9 aspect ratio LG

LG has announced its full lineup of 4K televisions for 2014 with 12 models including a monster 105-inch LCD and two curved OLED series.

The lineup includes the two OLEDs -- the EC9700 and EC9800 -- and three series of LCD -- the UB9800, UB9500, and UB8500--making it one of the largest offerings of Ultra HD displays yet.

LG says the TVs will include the latest standards for connectivity (though it isn't yet explicit we hope this means HDMI 2.0) and the company's advancements with Smart TV.

The 105-inch 105UC9 is a 21:9 television along the lines of the Vizio CinemaWide XVT3D580CM from 2012. Like that TV it appears that the UC9 will enable side-by-side viewing on 16:9 content -- effectively replacing the vertical black bars. Though it is officially a 4K product, its resolution is actually higher due to the unusual 21:9 ratio with 5,120x2,160 pixels.

The three OLEDs in the lineup will likely resemble the 77-inch model we saw earlier at CEA's Ultra HD conference in November. The three models are the 77-inch 77EC9800, the 55-inch 55EC9700, and the 65-inch 65EC9700. The models will include LG proprietary technologies like Color Refiner and an HDR (High Dynamic Range) algorithm for enhanced contrast.

The 98-inch UB9800 is LG's second largest TV at CES LG

Next up is the high-end-for-the-rest-of-us UB9800 which comes in 65-inch, 79-inch, 84-inch and 98-inch sizes. According to LG the range comes with a unique, proprietary chip that enhances Ultra HD picture quality.

Lower down the scale are the UB9500 (55-inch and 65-inch) and the UB8700, which according to the Wall Street Journal, will likely feature entry-level picture quality.

Ultra HD or 4K resolution offers four times the number of pixels as 1080p and is already used in cinemas with consumers' homes becoming the next battleground for both manufacturers and content producers.

LG has yet to announce pricing or availability but will have all of these models on display this week at CES 2014 in Las Vegas.