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LG RHT399H: 935 hours of Freeview recording

If you like TV, and want to record pretty much all of it, you'll love LG's new 320GB PVR, which can store so much your sofa is going to hate you

You might think there's nothing on TV these days, but LG reckons there are at least 935 hours of programmes for you to plonk down on its latest PVR, which features a fairly massive 320GB hard drive.

What's more, if you don't think 935 hours is enough -- and if you don't, you probably aren't reading this because you're too busy watching TV -- you can burn your favourites to virtually any recordable DVD media and keep it for all eternity, or until your couch rebels against over-use and eats you.

This being the era of 1080p, the RHT99 can upscale your Freeview and DVDs to the high-end picture format, although our usual caveat about not being able to magic something out of nothing remains. While we don't object to scalers in products like this, we also don't think they always do as good a job as the one in your TV.

The PVR is also Freeview Playback certified -- LG must have printed the box and labels before the name change to Freeview+ -- which means you get nifty features such as series link, an eight-day programme guide and accurate recording, which means you don't end up with 10 minutes of that ludicrous Bear Grylls character at the start of your Top Gear recording.

As well as recording to pretty much all of the DVD+/- formats, the 399 will also play back all of your DivX content from the same, which will come as a pleasant bonus if you happen to have downloaded gigabytes of video from that Internet thing. You can also listen to CDs or DVDs with MP3s burnt on to them -- great news, considering the era of useless DRM finally appears to be coming to an end.

The LG RHT399H costs around £300, which might seem like a lot, but if you need to record that much TV, you probably don't go out that much anyway. -Ian Morris