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LG reveals the future for its WebOS smart TVs

The WebOS interface will appear on more than 70 percent of LG's 2014 smart TVs.

LG's WebOS TV.
LG's WebOS TV. LG Electronics

LG plans to tune up most of its new TVs this year with a shot of WebOS.

Revealing its plans in a Korean press release on Monday, LG said that 70 percent of this year's smart TVs will come with the new interface, which it purchased from HP almost a year ago. The company also touted the three major benefits of WebOS: Simple Connect, Simple Switching, and Simple Discovery.

The first time you turn on the TV, an animated character named Bean Bird swoops in to show you how to tap into all of the smart features. When using the TV, you can fire up the launcher to switch among all of your recently used apps and content, similar to the way you bounce around apps on a smartphone or tablet. Finally, the TV service will recommend popular content that it thinks you'll like.

You'll also be able to control your LG WebOS TV through voice and hand gestures. The new TVs are slated to reach Korea early this year, followed by the US, Europe, and other global markets.

LG likely will spill further details about its WebOS TV at a press conference on Monday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. CNET will live blog that event starting at 8 a.m. PT.

(Via The Verge)