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LG PX990: First THX 3D certified plasma in the world announced

3D this, 3D that. Anyone would think we were living in a 3D world or something, especially with LG announcing a brand new THX 3D certified plasma with 2D to 3D conversion built-in

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The sausage-fest (seriously, the only food you can get there is sausages) that is German technology trade show IFA rumbles on, and so do the new technology announcements. And today, LG has continued its assault of the 3D market by announcing the world’s first THX 3D certified plasma.

The new PX990 will feature active 3D technology, has a full HD resolution --something not possible with the passive 3D models-- and offer a 5,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. The PX990 will also feature LG’s Netcast functionality, which promises broadband TV delivery. Refreshingly, the company will also be throwing in a Wi-Fi dongle too, which is something most manufacturers don’t. The TV will also feature DLNA for moving video content from your PC or NAS onto your TV, a boon for people with lots of home movies or huge music collections.

The new 3D plasma TVs will feature technology to convert 2D to 3D too. When we tested Samsung’s version of this picture processing, we weren’t impressed. It’s very hard to reliably convert images to 3D, with even Hollywood’s major movie studios struggling to do it on certain movies. Still, some people will no doubt love the ability to make Jeremy Kyle loom out of their TV set and wave an accusatory finger at them. The TV also boasts a 600Hz picture mode, aimed at offering smooth on-screen motion and crosstalk-free 3D images.

The PX990 will be available from October in both 50 and 60-inch screen sizes. There’s no word on pricing at this stage, but we have high-hopes that its plasma models will be cost-effective. Sadly, the company is only bundling one pair of glasses with the TV, which means that while your entertainment will be 3D, you’ll be alone enjoying it.

Interestingly, Sky reaffirmed its commitment to LG by extending its partnership with the Korean company. Sky says that LG offers the best selection of 3D screens --Murdoch’s merry troupe are fans of passive 3D, and LG is the only mass-market producer of these screens. All of this in time for Sky to launch Europe’s first 3D channel in October.