LG CineBeam Laser 4K projector delivers voice control for CES 2019

At CES, LG will debut the HU85L, a compact ultra short-throw projector with a less radical design than the HU80K, but with the ThinQ voice control it was missing.

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Last year, the HU80K projector made a splash at CES for its small, tote-it-anywhere design. This year, LG plans to show its new sibling, the Cinebeam Laser 4K HU85L, which adds voice control via the remote and the company's ThinQ platform. It packs the same compact projector into a more typical, handle-free design -- LG calls it "subtle" so it "won't distract or interfere with the viewing experience."

In addition to basic commands, the projector will be able to respond to conditional voice commands such as "turn off the projector after the movie has finished."

It otherwise has all the same specs as its sibling, including the ability to project a 90-inch image from just 2 inches away from the wall or screen, or a 120-inch picture from just 7 inches. Don't expect true 4K, though, since it also uses the same DLP chipset which interpolates from a lower resolution -- it computes intermediate pixels using mirrors.

There'll be lots of TV-related news coming out of CES 2019 -- click that link for our full preview.

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