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LG also cuts pricing on 4K Ultra HD in the US

The electronics giant follows Samsung and Sony in slashing the prices on its 55- and 65-inch Ultra HD TVs.

Earlier this week, Samsung and Sony announced big price cuts on their smaller-sized 4K Ultra HD TVs in the US.

LG's 65-inch Ultra HD TV. (Credit: LG)

Now, LG has announced a similar strategy, with the US pricing on its 55-inch UHD TV dropping by US$1000 and the 65-inch model by US$1500.

The new price of the 55-inch 55LA9700 will be US$4999, while the new price of the 65-inch 65LA9700 will be US$6499.

Neither TV has been made available in Australian retail, although LG will be holding press briefings about the units (and its curved OLED TV) next week, with a view to begin selling them in September.

When launched back in May, LG Australia gave the local pricing as AU$6999 for the 55-inch model and AU$8999 for the 65-inch model. It's unknown whether a new local pricing will be announced next week to reflect the international price cuts.

Samsung's US price changes seem to have had an effect locally in the aggressive price strategy that Samsung took when launching its 55- and 65-inch Ultra HD TVs yesterday. The units will retail for AU$4999 and AU$6999, respectively, when they debut in "early September".

Sony is the only company with 4K Ultra HD TVs under 84 inches currently in the Australian market. While it hadn't changed its local pricing in response the US price cuts at the time of writing, the company is expected to issue altered RRPs in the near future.