LG 84-inch Ultra HD TV in shops for Christmas, costs £22,500

LG's 84-inch monster has a whopping screen resolution, but an equally whopping price tag.

Luke Westaway Senior editor
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Luke Westaway
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LG's 84-inch Ultra-high definition TV is out in the UK at last, although to buy it you'll need pockets so deep that James Cameron wants to mount an expedition to find the bottom.

The monstrous gogglebox (official name 84LM960V) has a whopping 3,840x2,160 pixel resolution, which means it packs four times as many pixels as a 1080p screen.

Those pixels are spread like electric butter over an 84-inch LED panel, while a 2.2 speaker system including two 10W speakers and two 15W woofers provides built-in audio. Something tells me if you're spending this much on a telly however, you'll already have a ceiling-shaking sound system ready to go.

The headline feature is certainly this telly's mind-expanding girth, but it has some other natty features as well, including smart TV apps like Netflix, Blinkbox and BBC iPlayer, as well as 3D capabilities.

There's currently next to nothing you can watch in a resolution that high, meaning that half of your available pixels will be on the bench most of the time. Still, if you want to futureproof your living room against the advance of 4K video, this is a bold way to do so.

The bad news is, unless you're reading this from your money-powered gold yacht, you almost certainly can't afford this TV. It costs £22,500, though LG says that does include delivery, survey and standard installation, so really it's a bargain. Or not.

The mammoth TV will be on sale in 10 shops across the UK and Ireland, including John Lewis Sloane Square, Bentalls Kingston and Richer Sounds Southampton.

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