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Lego Sandcrawler rolls through 'Star Wars' universe

New $300 set brings Jawas' Sandcrawler from "Episode IV" to life, with 3,296 pieces and seven minifigures -- including Luke, C-3PO, R2-D2, and four Jawas.

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Daniel Terdiman

Lego will release its new Sandcrawler set in May. It will cost $300. Lego

When I saw "Star Wars" the first time, on opening day in 1977, I had to wait in line for more than an hour to get in. Which meant that by the time I entered the theater -- San Francisco's famous Coronet -- the first thing I saw on screen was the Jawas' Sandcrawler, rolling across the desert sand.

For people who have such memories of that giant transporter, and even those who don't, Lego has something worth getting excited about: a new Lego Sandcrawler set, just the latest in a long and successful partnership between the toy company and "Star Wars."

Lego and 'Star Wars' team up again with Sandcrawler

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This May, Lego will start selling the $300 set, and it's easy to imagine a lot of people re-enacting the scenes where we first meet Luke Skywalker.

The set has 3,296 pieces, and it features seven minifigures -- including Luke, Uncle Owen, C-3PO, and four Jawas, as well as R2-D2, and a number of other droids.

The completed set is 9 inches high, 18 inches long, and 6 inches wide, and comes with eight tracks complete with steering functions, a front ramp that opens, and a removable top, plus much more.

And if you want to make believe that R2-D2 is getting sucked up into the Sandcrawler, just as happened in the movie, you can. And you don't have to wait in line for an hour.