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Klipsch's New Reference Subwoofers Get Down to 14Hz

Starting at $749, the new subs offer enhanced cosmetics and beefy amplification.


Klipsch has unveiled its new Reference Premiere Series subwoofers, starting at $749, which offer much deeper bass and enhanced cosmetics.

The range breaks down like this:

  • RP-1600SW ($1,799): 16-inch woofer, 1,600 watts (peak), 14.5-175Hz
  • RP-1400SW ($1,399): 14-inch woofer, 1,000 watts (peak), 16-141Hz
  • RP-1200SW ($999): 12-inch woofer, 800 watts (peak), 16.5-138Hz
  • RP-1000SW ($749): 10-inch woofer, 600 watts (peak), 19-131Hz

The biggest change to the new models is that the cabinets are much deeper, which allows even the entry-level model to reach down to a claimed 19Hz. All of the subwoofers include the company's proprietary Cerametallic drivers and a high-efficiency amplifier. The subs feature a new Aerofoil slot port design that minimizes port noise distortion. 

The cosmetics have seen an upgrade on previous models, with rounded corners, a scratch-resistant ebony vinyl finish and guitar-like control knobs. The front has a woven cloth grill and the bottom includes shock-absorbing rubber feet.

I'm looking forward to hearing the new range -- especially the RP-1000SW -- as my CNET AV test lab included a Klipsch subwoofer as part of the reference system for many years. Klipsch is owned by Voxx, the parent company of Pioneer, Onkyo and many other audio brands.

The new subwoofers are available now.