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Keep watching a show and browse the guide on the Xfinity X1 box

Learn how to call up a small window that lets you keep watching your current program while you peruse the channel guide or keep watching your show in only a slightly smaller window with a mini-guide.

Matt Elliott/CNET

Unlike the previous cable box from Comcast, the Xfinity X1 box doesn't leave your current program running in a small window while you browse the guide. With the X1 box, the full-screen guide takes over your TV, whether you are scrolling through the channel list of the Guide or viewing the Saved, On Demand, Search, Apps or Settings screens. A reader emailed asking if there was a way to keeping watching a show in a small window while he flipped through the channel guide. I'm happy to report there are two ways -- shockingly simple, one-button ways.

1. When are you viewing the Guide -- or the Saved, On Demand, Search, Apps or Settings screens -- hit the square, blue B button on the X1 XR2 remote. This will bring up a small window in the lower-right corner of your TV with the current program. Hit the B button again to close the program window. The X1 box remembers your preference from one trip to the guide to the next; that is, if you keep the program window open when you close the guide, it will be there the next time you call up the guide.

2. When watching a show, instead of hitting the Guide button to bring up the full guide, hit the right-arrow button. You'll get a mini-guide along the right edge of your TV, with your show playing in a window that's only slightly reduced in size from full screen -- it's much larger than the small window you get with the full guide and the B button described above. The mini-guide displays only the programs that are currently playing, but if you highlight a show and hit the right-arrow button again, you can browse upcoming shows for that channel.

In addition, you can adjust the transparency of the onscreen overlays. There are 11 different levels, from 1 being the most transparent to 11 being completely opaque, with 7 set as the default. This setting lightens the Saved, On Demand, Search, Apps or Settings screen overlays but only the top and bottom banners of the Guide itself; the channel lists remains an opaque black on the Guide and is unaffected by this setting. Here's where to find this setting:

Hit the Xfinity button on your remote, select the gear icon on the right to enter Settings and follow this path Preferences > General > Background Darkness Level. You can then use the arrow keys on the remote to change the number before hitting Exit to finish.

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