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JVC LT-42DA8BJ: Budget-friendly 42-inch LCD TV

If you want to throw off the oppressive shackles of a totalitarian sci-fi government, don't buy this TV. If you want a sensibly priced high-definition telly though, this is right up your street

If the movie V for Vendetta is to be believed, in the future we'll all be using Dell computers and watching totalitarian government propaganda on our JVC televisions. While you could rise up against the oppressive future, we don't think ditching JVC TVs is the way to do it, especially when they're as good value for money as the LT-42DA8BJ.

The LT-42DA8BJ is a 42-inch 720p screen, so it can accept inputs of 1080i, which is pretty standard, but it's a shame it can't handle 1080p signals too. This will be especially important as more and more content is available in full high definition.

The TV has the usual processing systems you'd expect. Like all TV manufacturers, JVC has a strangely named technology for optimising the picture -- DynaPix in this case. The intention is always the same though: improve the performance of the screen with cunning electronics. If picture processing doesn't float your boat, there's also something called Hyper Sound, which sounds rather thrilling, although we don't expect much from the speakers on LCD TVs.

The LT-42DA8BJ boasts a veritable cornucopia of inputs, including a duo of HDMI sockets and two RGB-enabled Scarts. There are also component and composite video inputs, the former for hooking up stuff like the Xbox 360 and the latter for your old camcorder or PS2. There's also a digital audio out, for supplementing the built-in speakers.

The best bit has to be the price. Out now, and at around £700 online, we reckon it's quite the bargain. Although this is only a 720p screen, that's more than enough for most uses and it certainly wouldn't put us off. Expect a full review soon. -Ian Morris

Update: A full review of the JVC LT-42DA8BJ is now live.