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JVC HD-110MH80: The world's new largest TV?

JVC has created a mahusive 110-inch TV that uses roughly the same power as a 37-inch LCD, which we like because it means it won't drown too many polar bears

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Tucked away on the JVC stand at this year's IFA was a little surprise. A 110-inch LCD projection TV, using three D-ILA -- or to use the more descriptive name, liquid crystal on silicon -- chips, through which light is projected to create an image on screen.

Easily the most impressive thing about this telly is the fact that it uses very little power. Indeed, JVC claims it uses roughly the same amount as a 37-inch LCD screen. That means that it drinks less precious electricity, which puts less of a strain on our planet and the bunnies can hop another day without being choked by big lumps of carbon dioxide.

Indeed, the TV had an LED display next to it that informed passers-by how many watts it was in the process of consuming. When we strolled past it was chugging down just 201W, which we were seriously impressed by.

The slight chink in this eco-friendly design is that it features a bulb that makes use of mercury, a substance that can cause delirium, hallucinations and suicidal tendencies. But as long as you don't swallow the bulb you should be fine. Just make sure you dispose of it properly at the end of its life.

The TV also features support for 1080p as well as features for improving sound quality and bass reproduction, which should make movie-watching a proper treat. There's no indication of how much this screen costs -- the model we saw was only a prototype -- but we imagine it could potentially do more damage to your wallet than it could to the environment. -Ian Morris