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Jamo DMR 70: Build your own home cinema

Looking for an all-in-one home cinema system? Put off by the lack of choice of speakers? Jamo has decided to let you customise one -- the only limit is your wallet. And your other half

One of the problems with traditional all-in-one-box home cinema systems is that you're stuck with the speaker setup the manufacturer decides on. The Jamo DMR 70 lets you customise your system by offering a number of different options, for a wide range of prices -- but keeping the convenience of the all-in-one.

At the heart of the system is a DVD player with a built-in 5.1 channel surround decoder and amplifier. You then choose which -- if any -- speakers you want with it. The base unit costs £450, which is a more reasonable deal for people who already have a set of speakers and don't need new ones.

The DVD player is fully featured, as you'd imagine for a machine of this price. It can decode Dolby Digital, DTS 5.1 and Dolby Pro-Logic II soundtracks and it'll happy read discs with DivX, WMA and MP3 files too.

As you'd expect, the DMR 70 can also output a progressive, upscaled image via HDMI at 720p -- there's also support for 1080i. The machine also has both component and Scart, in case you don't want to use HDMI, or if you'd rather your TV took care of the de-interlacing and upscaling.

There's also a USB socket, and auxiliary inputs for hooking up your MP3 player of choice. Jamo is especially keen to point out that it has engineered the DMR 70 to perform well with music, not just movie soundtracks. That'll appeal if you want to replace your stereo with something a little more versatile.

If you want a full system, with speakers, you have four options. The entry-level system comes with Jamo's 102HCS5 speakers, and costs £549. The 402HCS5 package goes for £700, which is the mid-range option, while the premium pack, available at £800, comes with the 405HCS5 speakers. The flagship 407HCS5 speaker package will set you back a sharp-intake-of-breath £900.

This is hardly the cheapest system in the world, as you'd expect from a premium Danish brand, but with everything available separately, you could always start with the basic package and add to it as time goes on, or even upgrade your speaker set if you need more oomph. The DMR 70 isn't yet available online, but your local AV specialist should be able to sort you out. -Ian Morris