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iTunes mastermind 'working on Apple television'

Apple has reportedly got the man behind iTunes working on the company's hotly rumoured TV set.

Apple is working on a TV set, and has called in Jeff Robbin, the man who helped develop the iPod and iTunes, to help build it, according to Bloomberg, which cites "three people with knowledge of the project."

The Apple telly rumour mill is spinning at full tilt, grinding gossip grain into delicious speculation dough, ready for baking. While the notion that Apple could make a TV is nothing new, last week saw the publication of the late Steve Jobs' biography, in which the man himself is quoted as saying he'd "finally cracked" how to make an elegant, integrated tellybox.

"It will have the simplest user interface you could imagine," Jobs told author Walter Isaacson.

Bloomberg also mentions an analyst's report that reckons Apple is investing in manufacturing facilities, nabbing supplies of LCD screens and could have an actual product on sale by late next year.

Yesterday another analyst bod piped up, saying that an Apple television could feature Siri.

Take all of this with a fistful of salt, and rub some into your eyes just to drive the message home, but if Jobs was indeed beavering away on a TV, those beaverings could one day see the light of day. It's true that television is one area of tech that Apple's thus far failed to dominate -- it already has the Apple TV set-top box, but it's not proved particularly popular.

Would you buy an Apple telly? Or does the idea of the Cupertino company infiltrating every inch of the tech world flood your innards with fear, like a bucket filling with murky swamp water? Let us know in the comments section, or on our Facebook wall.