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iPod Touch 2011 review: Still the best

Donald Bell reviews the 2011 Apple iPod Touch running iOS 5 and finds that not much has changed. That's good thing.

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This was probably the easiest review of my life.

I mean, sure I was disappointed that Apple's new iPod Touch for 2011 is just last year's model with a new coat of paint and some new software. But let's be honest. At just $199, there's nothing else out there that even comes close to what the iPod Touch offers. The competition literally gave up.

The closest competitor to the iPod Touch is a product that isn't even out yet--Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet. But even if we assume the Kindle Fire is a perfect 10, it's ultimately a different class of product. If nothing else, it's around three times the size of the iPod Touch. Let's also not forget that the iPod includes Bluetooth, AirPlay, FaceTime, an HD video camera, a gigantic app store, up to 64GB of storage, iMessages, maps, and dozens of other worthwhile features that seemingly aren't included on the Kindle.

Nope, no matter how you look at it, the iPod Touch is still the king of contract-free, pocket-size distractions, and it remains our CNET Editors' Choice for MP3 and portable media players. Read CNET's full review of the iPod Touch 2011 for more information.