Ikea and Sonos' new $199 picture frame speaker goes on sale July 15

Sound has never looked so good.

Kelsey Fogarty CNET Editorial Intern
Kelsey Fogarty was an editorial intern on CNET's How-To team.
Kelsey Fogarty

The Wi-Fi speaker can be hung on the wall or displayed as art on a table or shelf. 


Ikea and Sonos on Tuesday unveiled the new Symfonisk picture frame Wi-Fi speaker. It's the latest product in the Symfonisk line, which aims to combine Sonos' experience in high-quality audio with Ikea's knowledge of affordable home furnishings.

The speaker comes in black or white options and is meant to look like a piece of art that can be hung on a wall or placed on a table or shelf. At launch, there'll also be two additional fronts you can buy so you can switch up the look of the speaker.  

Ikea held a launch event Tuesday for the new speaker, which is part of the growing Ikea Home Smart range.

The speaker can serve as the only sound source in the room or connect to other devices from both the Symfonisk collection and Sonos, Ikea said. The Sonos system allows for access to more than 100 streaming services.

The Symfonisk picture frame Wi-Fi speaker will be available July 15 for $199 at US Ikea stores, with the two alternate pictures each costing an extra $20.