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Jacob Krol/CNET

iHome's Zenergy clock radios could turn you into a morning person

The line features LED lights that will match warm or cool tones to help your sleep cycle.

Jacob Krol/CNET

You may remember iHome from the late, great glory days of iPod docks, when it once seemed like nearly every hotel room was equipped with an iHome clock radio, ready and waiting for the 30-pin connector of your iPod or iPhone.

While the brand has been less prominent in these days of Lightning connectors and Bluetooth wireless, iHome is now putting a different focus at the heart of its new line of Zenergy clock radios: getting a good night's sleep by using light and sound therapy to help you sleep better. The $100 iZBT10 bedside alarm clock and $70 iZBT5 travel model are the debut products in the series. (You won't them on their site yet; they won't be released for a few months.)

Using the companion Zenergy app, you can set alarms and access presets that will gently wake you from a deep sleep using calming sounds as the clocks' LED lights are slowly illuminated. (I didn't fall asleep during the demo, but the red lights and ocean sounds were undeniably relaxing.)

Jacob Krol/CNET

The larger iZBT10 includes a clock display, FM radio and Bluetooth for streaming audio from nearly any mobile device. The smaller iZBT5 loses the clock display and has a smaller, less robust speaker, but it can be carried in one hand for easy travel.

Both Zenergy models are slated to hit stores in October. In the meantime, anyone looking for similar "gentle wakeup" alarms should check out the Philips Wake Up Light and the C by GE Life and Sleep LED Starter Pack.