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I want my big TV: Girt by CNET podcast 103

It's TV season and the team talks big panels, small changes and what to look for when you're buying a new screen.

Josh Miller

OLED, QLED, 4K, HDR. If you're at a loss with modern TV abbreviations, we give you a quick rundown on the big trends and what to look for in the new TVs hitting shelves (and hopefully your homes) in 2017.

From improved operating systems, geeking out over remote control features and going nuts for panels under a centimetre thick, we talk through what the likes of Sony, Samsung and LG are doing with their TV ranges.

We also weigh in on some breaking home entertainment news, from Stan's now-live offline viewing to a new deal that might see theatrical releases streamed direct to your TV.

And, if you're after something a little more outdoorsy while the weather's still nice, here's Seamus' guide to setting up an outdoor home cinema.

Girt by CNET podcast 103

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