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Humax HD-Fox T2 hits shops this weekend: Olympics and FA Cup in HD, totally free

The Humax HD-Fox T2 hits shops this weekend. Click the story to find out how you can get hi-def FA Cup, Winter Olympic and Six Nations action in your living room, for free

Any plans for the weekend? Few sherbets with the lads, or getting your hair did with the girls, perhaps. Or you could watch Six Nations rugby, Champions League football and the Winter Olympics in your own home, in glorious high definition -- for free. Yes, Freeview HD finally hits living rooms as the Humax HD-Fox T2 goes on sale this weekend.

The T2 is exclusively available, at first, at John Lewis on Oxford Street, for £180. You can also order it from the Humax Web site, if you don't fancy fighting your way through throngs of trudging tourists. The T2 will be in other shops around the country on Monday 15 February. Once you get the T2 up and running, you'll be able to watch the usual Freeview standard-definition channels, or flip over to one of the HD channels for eye-rinsing picture quality and ear-tickling sound.

BBC HD and ITV HD began transmitting in December, ready for us to try out the T2. Channel 4 HD and S4C are on the way too. BBC hi-def highlights this weekend include Six Nations, the Olympics, Heroes and Countryfile. ITV is showing FA Cup and Champions League footie, as well as Field of Dreams. If you transmit it, they will watch.

Toshiba is also in on the ground floor with Freeview HD, this week showing us the HDR5010 Freeview HD recorder and the first Freeview HD televisions, the RV, SL and WL series.

To see if you can receive Freeview HD, head for the Freeview coverage site or text your postcode and house number to 80560.