Hulu's new interface wants to make it easier for you to find your next binge watch

The changes make Hulu look more like Disney Plus and ESPN Plus.

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Alison DeNisco Rayome
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Hulu April 2020

A new look is in store for streaming service Hulu.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Hulu is getting a makeover. In the coming months, the popular streaming service will roll out several changes to navigation, recommendations and other interface features, according to a Tuesday press release

One major change entails a new way to explore content (which users of rival streaming services like Netflix will be used to seeing): scrolling vertically through different collections, and then horizontally within a collection to find what you want to watch. The change will make Hulu's interface look more like those of Disney Plus and ESPN Plus, in hopes this will make it easier for viewers who bundle the three services to navigate between them, the release said. 

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You'll also find that categories of content, like TV, Movies and Sports, will be moved to the master navigation view, with the aim of giving viewers an easier pathway to find what they're looking for, in fewer clicks. 

The size of show tiles will also change a bit. New shows or movies will appear larger to catch your attention, while those found under your "Keep Watching" section will be smaller, so you can see more titles at once.

Hulu is also updating its recommendation engine to help you discover more, with the help of actual people, not just algorithms. Starting Wednesday, the service's team of content experts will work more closely together, creating additional curated collections that're more personalized for viewers. For example, if you've watched a lot of medical dramas, you'll see those types of shows first in a curated drama collection, whereas if you've watched a lot of romantic dramas, you'll see those first instead. 

Some Roku and TVOS users will see the updated interface Wednesday, and it'll roll more widely over the next few months. 

Hulu's updates come at the height of the so-called streaming wars, with old standbys like Netflix and Amazon Prime competing with newcomers Disney Plus, Peacock and, soon, HBO Max. The updates to Hulu's recommendation engine seem to be similar to those announced by HBO Max, which also plans to feature curated collections, along with selections from celebrities.

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