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Huge transparent, flexible OLED display flows like water

LG Display's latest insanely futuristic take on "TV" is a massive 77-inch OLED panel that can unroll into a see-through tapestry of awesome.

The 77-inch transparent flexible OLED as a flowing "smartdesk."
LG Display

Think you have your head wrapped around flexible displays? Wait till you see through this.

LG Display is the purveyor of OLED, our favorite TV technology, and the Korean manufacturer has a crazy new concept display. Billed as the world's first 77-inch transparent and flexible OLED display, it can look like water flowing over a shelf. But it's a TV.

  • It's 77-inches diagonal, but can be rolled up to a radius of just 80mm. That's a diameter of just over 6 inches, a bit smaller than a volleyball.
  • It's transparent. LG claims 40% transparency and judging from the image below, that's basically a window. But with moving images.

That 77-incher in "portrait" orientation in a retail clothing setting.

LG Display

LG didn't reveal a price for the display, but as a point of reference, its current 77-inch OLED TVs cost $15,000 for the standard version or a cool $20,000 if you want that in wallpaper.

In addition to those consumer OLED panels, which are flat, stiff and opaque, LG Display has shown off a few similarly flexible and/or transparent displays in the past, either as concepts or for commercial use. 

The last time I saw a rollable LG OLED was this mind-blowing 18-inch little jobbie from CES 2016. At this year's Consumer Electronics Show, the company's booth was similarly rife with larger-scale flexible or transparent OLEDs.