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Huawei YouView+ box has 500GB hard drive, costs £219

Huawei and Humax have both launched new YouView boxes -- read on for all the details.

It's a fine spring morning for YouView enthusiasts, with both Huawei and Humax today revealing brand new boxes that work with the on-demand telly service.

First up, the Huawei DN371T, whose exciting box art is pictured above. This televisual darling packs a 500GB hard drive, which -- Huawei boasts -- will net you up to 300 hours of SD programming, or 125 hours of HD programming.

You'll be able to record one program while watching another, or record two programmes while watching something off the box's hard drive (or on-demand video). The snappily named DN371T will cost £219, and Huawei tells me it'll go on sale shortly.

The Humax box meanwhile is a bit more muscular, but costs more money. It's a version of the DTR-T1010 box, with a whopping 2TB of storage. Humax says that's up to 1,200 hours of SD, or 500 hours of HD video. It'll cost £300 and will be available, "exclusively from Humax Direct", according to the company's press release.

YouView made its debut in 2012, following a series of delays. The service is free once you've bought the box, and gets you access to over 70 digital channels through your aerial, plus a host of on-demand goodies from BBC iPlayer, 4oD and more, via your home Internet connection. The key benefit is that unlike Sky or Virgin Media, there's no pricey contract to pay.

Are you a YouView fan? Are boxes too expensive, or is it worth it? Let me know your TV thoughts in the comments.