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Huawei 8K 5G TV reportedly in the works for later this year

It would be the world's first 5G TV.

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Huawei reportedly wiill make the world's first 8K 5G TV

Billy H.C. Kwok/Getty Images

Huawei will reportedly release an 8K 5G TV later this year. According to Nikkei Asian Review, the Chinese electronics giant is looking to challenge Samsung and Apple by building out its ecosystem of consumer electronics. Huawei is the second largest maker of phones in the world behind Samsung, but currently does not sell TVs.

A 5G TV could signal the end of needing a cable box or satellite connection. In fact the TV could become a hub for other devices in your home. The TV wouldn't be Huawei's first consumer 5G device. At Mobile World Congress in February, the company announced the Huawei Mate X a foldable 5G phone that will be available later this year.

A TV with 5G could offer faster speeds for VR and gaming content. Cameras and devices like the next PlayStation are expected to offer up 8K content, but currently there aren't many TVs that support 8K resolution. Samsung is one of a handful of manufacturers that sells an 8K television but it's without 5G.

Despite the US prohibiting many of Huawei's products from being sold in the country, the company has a clear desire to be No. 1 in the world when it comes to electronics. Perhaps an 8K 5G TV will be one of the products that will help the company do that.

Huawei declined to comment.

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