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Hoyts moves into streaming video

The Australian cinema giant is set to launch the Hoyts Stream movie and TV service in early 2013.

The Australian cinema giant is set to launch the Hoyts Stream movie and TV service in early 2013.

Hoyts Stream will join Cinema and Kiosk. (Credit: Hoyts)

Australia's oldest cinema brand, Hoyts, will be expanding its range of products to include Hoyts Stream, a new pay-as-you-go, multi-device video-streaming service.

Stream will be joining Hoyt's two other consumer video offerings — Cinema and Kiosk. The Kiosk division is comprised of the Oovie DVD rental kiosks, which will now be rebranded as Hoyts Kiosk.

Hoyts Stream will offer new-release movies, TV content and classic films. In addition to the pay-per-view model, a subscription service will be available for movie and TV classics. Hoyts has stated that content on Hoyts Stream will be available at the same time as the DVD release.

Hoyts Stream will be an "internet-driven streaming platform", and will be available across tablets, other mobile devices, smart TV and more according to Hoyt's launch statement, although the company has yet to name any partners for the new service.

Crispin Tristram, chief marketing officer for Hoyts Entertainment, has confirmed that the company is working with a number of hardware partners, but is unable to give any specifics this stage:

"While we can't share partnership details, the reality is that the right platform is key to succeeding in this venture and both smart TV and gaming consoles are important to us."

Tristam also confirmed that Hoyts Stream will be using a predictive streaming technology to ensure that the "user experience" is of high quality no matter what device the service is being accessed on.

"We've had the luxury of being able to see what has previously worked around the world and ensure that we're incorporating that knowledge into our own offering."

Updated at 11.40am: addded comments from Tristram.