How to upgrade your TV and home entertainment on a budget while stuck at home from coronavirus

In the age of COVID-19, more people than ever are at home and in search of good storytelling.

David Katzmaier Editorial Director -- Personal Tech
David reviews TVs and leads the Personal Tech team at CNET, covering mobile, software, computing, streaming and home entertainment. We provide helpful, expert reviews, advice and videos on what gadget or service to buy and how to get the most out of it.
Expertise A 20-year CNET veteran, David has been reviewing TVs since the days of CRT, rear-projection and plasma. Prior to CNET he worked at Sound & Vision magazine and eTown.com. He is known to two people on Twitter as the Cormac McCarthy of consumer electronics. Credentials
  • Although still awaiting his Oscar for Best Picture Reviewer, David does hold certifications from the Imaging Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Standards and Technology on display calibration and evaluation.
David Katzmaier
David Katzmaier Now What

After six months of pandemic and stay-at-home orders, that old TV might start looking too small to you. Or maybe it can't run the latest streaming apps. Or maybe it's perfectly fine, but the sound from its puny speakers just doesn't cut it anymore. You're not alone.


At CNET we've seen more interest than ever in home entertainment devices and streaming services since the coronavirus pandemic started. Readers are clamoring for information on the best TVs, soundbars and streaming devices to keep entertained while traditional movie theaters, sporting events and other gatherings are on hold.

As part of CNET's Now What series, Jason Hiner and I talked about the trends we're seeing, the devices we like most and the best ways to spend your money on home entertainment during a time of increasing financial uncertainty. Whether you have a budget of hundreds for a big TV or $30 for a Roku -- or "free" for an ad-supported streaming service -- chances are you'll get some ideas about how to up your home entertainment game. So pop some popcorn, kick back and check out our full interview.

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