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How to watch the 2016 Rio Olympics

NBC claims it will have 6,755 hours of Olympic programming. Here's how to watch it all.

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Jason Cipriani/CNET

This Friday, August 5, the 2016 Rio Olympics will officially kick off in typical fashion with an over-the-top opening ceremony.

With so many different competitions and so little time to view everything, NBC is doing its best to put live events and highlights at your fingertips, no matter which device you're using or where you're at.

How to watch it on your phone

The NBC Sports app will stream events in real time, along with providing highlights and replays, the app includes a schedule and the option to receive alerts to ensure you don't miss your favorite events. Unfortunately for cord cutters you'll need to verify a cable subscription in order to access any live streams.

NBC Sports is available for iOS, Android, Apple TV and Roku.

Otherwise, you can stream live programming through your browser by visiting Sadly, it appears streaming via the web also requires a login.

Time to ask a friend of family member to borrow one!

Over-the-air, on cable and Sling

Because there are so many different events, NBC is splitting up coverage across its many networks. Bravo, CNBC, Golf Channel and USA Network are just a few of the channels that will carry Olympic coverage for NBC. For a complete list of networks that will carry Olympic coverage, along with a generalized schedule of types of coverage, you can visit this web page.

Dish's over-the-top streaming service, Sling, will naturally carry the Olympics. However, any of its Sling Blue subscribers will receive a preview of CNBC and MSNBC during the Olympics.

The Olympics come to an end on August 21.