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Build the ideal home theater with 'The Fix'

Get expert advice on finding the right TV distance, wall-mounting a TV on the cheap, and the top three ways to add audio to your home theater.

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By the end of this week's episode, you'll be able to call yourself a home theater specialist. (At least, to your family and friends.)

First, Eric offers his definitive guide to finding the perfect TV distance. A clever formula will help you figure out if you need to scooch the couch closer to the screen, or inch it further away. Then, Donald deserves extra accolades this week as he single-handedly wall mounts a 47-inch TV. And you won't believe what it cost him. (Hint: It was really inexpensive.)

And finally, I help you solve one of the most painful side effects of superthin HDTVs -- awful sound. Stay tuned for three ways to make your HDTV sound more like a home theater, and less like a handheld radio.

Share your thoughts in the comments, and don't forget to tip us off on any cool DIYs or hacks you've thought up. You never know -- it could end up in our show.