How to reset and update Foxtel HD+

Want to make sure you've got the latest software for your Foxtel iQ2, or just need to reset it if something goes wrong? Follow our easy guide.

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If you've had Foxtel iQ2 installed, you may have heard the company has finally unlocked all four tuners. While this means you still can only record two channels at once, at least you can now watch a third at the same time. And by the way, that fourth tuner is dedicated to OnDemand content and can't be used to record…

Software version 2.0.8 is the version enabling all tuners. (Credit: CNET.com.au)

While Foxtel announced that it could take up till December to get all boxes updated, thanks to a tip from reader hrc1079, you can do it yourself.

Before you start though, it's best to check if your box has been updated already. To check this, press the "Setup" button then go to System Setup > System Settings > System Details. Listed under software version should be the numbers xx.2.0.8.xx. If you don't have this number (or later) you may need to follow the instructions below.

Of course, there's the usual disclaimers about no responsibility taken by CNET.com.au blah blah, but the process is quite straightforward. If you somehow foul it up, the process involves a reset as well so you can start again easily. Of course, as the process is a reset, any customisations you've done such as "Favourite Channels" may be wiped. We did find that our scheduled recordings were unaffected but also keep this in mind.

Press Select and Back together to reset the iQ2. (Credit: CNET.com.au)

Reset the box
To start, you need to press the buttons on the front of the unit itself. On the left-hand side press the "Back" key (not left arrow) and "Select" together. This is the "reset", and the unit will turn itself off and on again a couple of times. Unlike TiVo, it won't give you any update messages, just a blank screen.

Install the update
To then install the update, you'll need to press a series of buttons in order as soon as it turns on again for the second time — the screen should still be blank. Press "Power", "up" arrow, "down" arrow, and then "Power" again.

The iQ ring revolves as the update installs. (Credit: CNET.com.au)

You may need to do this a couple of times to get the timing right, but you'll know it's worked when you get all the lights flashing and the "ring" starts revolving. You'll also get a red "Signal" light. Meanwhile, the screen will still be blank. Once it's finished updating, the iQ2 should then turn itself off again.

While this can be used to install the four-tuner update, this should also work any time Foxtel releases a major update to its software. Did anybody say "external storage"?

Likewise, the reset procedure ("Back" and "Select" together) can also be used if your box freezes or does anything else untoward. This procedure saves you from thinking something is faulty, it is also the first thing the company will try to repair it — apart from a power reset, of course (unplugging the unit from the power and replugging it in). See our disclaimer above.