How to replay the World Cup Final

From 90-second highlights to full-match replays and the tweets in between.

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Previews - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia
Simon Hofmann - FIFA

Missed the World Cup Final? Perhaps you spent your Sunday watching not soccer but baseball (it was, after all, the last day of baseball before the four-day All-Star break hiatus). Or perhaps you spent your Sunday at the beach or pursuing another leisurely summertime activity. No matter your reason for skipping the World Cup Final between France and Croatia, you've got plenty of options for catching up on what you missed, from the full-match replay or just the highlights, thank you very much. Let us review.

Replays on Fox Sports Go

Fox broadcast the Final, and it has the replay on Fox Sports Go and the Fox Sports Go app. You'll find the full-match replay along with videos of highlights, interviews and analysis.

Full-match replays for cord cutters

All of the big five live-TV streaming services and Fubo offer Fox and FS1. Fox is running replays of the World Cup Final throughout the week on both Fox and FS1. Check your listings for the full-match replay of the game.

Best TVs for watching the World Cup 2018

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90 in 90

I've been following the World Cup as any American who doesn't follow soccer might: by catching a half of a game here and a shootout there but primarily watching Fox's quick 90 in 90 highlight packages. Really, I just want to see the goals. Fox has a highlight package for each game that condenses 90 minutes of play into 90 seconds of goals and near goals. You can also find them all on the Fox Sports YouTube page, and most of the videos on YouTube include a few additional minutes of post-game coverage after the 90 seconds of highlights.

#FRA v. #CRO

Want to sound smart with your fancy soccer friends? There are tons of statistical and strategic analysis to be found on Twitter alongside the usual hot takes and memes. The official FIFA World Cup account is a good place to start, and you can use #FRA and #CRO for team-specific coverage. Roger Gonzalez from CBS Sports has full coverage of all things World Cup, ESPN's Michael Cox does a great job of breaking down team tactics and the Fox Soccer Twitter page has loads of videos, player profiles and analysis. (For the record: CNET is a division of CBS.)

World Cup podcasts

Ryan O'Hanlon, Donnie Kwak and Micah Peters comprise the Ringer's soccer team and share their thoughts and reactions on the Ringer FC podcast. The BBC's World Cup Daily features Mark Chapman and Kelly Cates and -- now that England has been knocked -- they have turned their attention to France and Croatia.

Best TVs for watching the World Cup 2018

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