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How to get Spotify and Amazon Video on the new Apple TV

You can use AirPlay from a Mac or iOS device to stream content to your TV. Here's what you need to know.

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The new Apple TV has finally arrived, however it's missing two popular apps. Despite an App Store for downloading a variety of games and apps, both Spotify and Amazon Video are nowhere to be found on the new Apple TV . While this could change in the future, there is an easy workaround to get them both on your TV using AirPlay from either your Mac or iOS device.

Before we start, make sure AirPlay is enabled on the Apple TV. You can check this in the Settings menu by selecting AirPlay. The Apple TV must also be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Mac or iOS device. To view the network your Apple TV is on, head to Settings and select Network.

On your Mac

Click on the AirPlay logo in the top right-hand corner of your Mac's menu bar (it's next to the Wi-Fi icon) and select your Apple TV device. You should then see your computer screen mirrored on your TV. All you have to do now is head to Amazon's video page, select the video you want to watch, play it and make it full screen.

Want to use Spotify? While it works better with your iPhone or iPad, you can open the Spotify program and begin playing your favorite song. If your Mac is still mirrored to your TV, the music will be played through your TV's speakers.

On your iPhone or iPad

It's even easier to use AirPlay on your iOS device. All you have to do is open the Amazon Video app, play the movie or TV show you would like to watch, tap the AirPlay logo in the top right corner and select your Apple TV.

To use Spotify, open the Spotify app, select the song you want to play, click where it says "devices available," choose the "more devices" option and select your Apple TV.

Both of these methods for using Spotify and Amazon Video will also work on older Apple TV models.