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Vinyl records are popular again, and here's how they're made

I've loved vinyl for as long as I can remember, but I never knew exactly how records were made. Until now.

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I fell in love with music at a very young age. I can remember sitting in my parents' living room, listening to the crackle and pop that accompanied each new song, only to be replaced with a thumping drum intro or a sick guitar lick that seemed to leap from our Klipsch corner horns.

This experience stuck with me through the introduction of cassette tapes, CDs and finally the current digital-music age. The convenience and quality of digital music is unparalleled, but with the recent resurgence of records -- and as any vinyl enthusiasts (and certain audiophiles) will tell you -- vinyl has a special sound that digital music just can't capture or replicate.

I'm not immune to its pull; I've recently invested in a new turntable and sound system and have actually started buying vinyl again.

And now I'm as excited about the medium as I've ever been. It helped that about a year ago I set out to discover exactly what it takes to make a vinyl record. Here's what I found.