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House of Cards season 2 hits Netflix 14 February, here's a trailer

Netflix's multi-award winning, star-packed political thriller is back with a new series, opening worldwide on Valentine's Day next year.

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Nick Hide
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Netflix's multi-award winning, star-packed political thriller House of Cards is back with a new series, opening worldwide on the streaming service on Valentine's Day, 14 February.

The Kevin Spacey-led show, which is produced by Netflix, will once more be available to watch all at once, with 13 episodes going live on the same day.

A trailer for the new series has hit YouTube, with a rapid (and largely spoiler-free) recap of the first season followed by a fast-paced teaser of the new action. Have a butchers' here:

"The road to power is paved with hypocrisy… and casualties." Dun-dun duuuun! Spacey's Frank Underwood is now Vice President and determined to wreak revenge on his former friend, the President. But a few tenacious reporters are on to him -- and his brilliant wife Claire has her own agenda.

Whether there will be a season 3 is still up in the air, with Netflix apparently very keen for the show to continue, but Spacey and co-star Robin Wright said to be wary of committing another 150 days to filming a series.

The first series was a huge success for Netflix, winning three prestigious Emmy awards and driving a massive number of new subscriptions to the service. Nevertheless, it wasn't as popular as several transplants from normal TV, such as Breaking Bad, Family Guy and Doctor Who, according to unofficial figures. It wasn't even Netflix's most popular original series, with prison drama Orange is the New Black edging it out.

Are you going to forgo Valentine's Day for a night in bingeing on Spacey? Or did the first series lose you by the end? Reveal your ruthless machinations down in the comments, or on our politically correct Facebook page.