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Hot TV deals for Christmas

For all you last-minute shoppers on the verge of a Christmas-related breakdown, we've rounded up some of the best TV deals out there.

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Christmas is an expensive time, especially when you're shopping for a gigantic slab of new TV. But have no fear, for CNET UK is here to help you save your precious pennies, giving you the skinny on the latest, greatest and most festive TV deals.

Reclaim your VAT with Sony

For starters, may we present Sony's 'Get the VAT back' offer. This deal allows you to claim back the VAT on certain Sony products purchased before Christmas day. Sony has now extended the offer to some of its high-end 3D tellies, such as the Bravia HX903. The offer is available through most big-name retailers, including John Lewis, Amazon and Currys. 

Unfortunately, due to the high price of most Bravia TVs, the vast majority of people will still have to flog a kidney to afford one, even discounting VAT. It's also a shame that the VAT isn't simply taken off the product's price at the checkout -- to claim back the VAT you have to download a form and do some paperwork, getting your claim in before 31 January 2011.

The good news is that you can still take advantage of the offer even if a TV is being offered at a discount on, for example, Amazon.

Free Blu-ray player with your TV

Those contemplating buying a 3D television will be interested to hear that Amazon, Currys and John Lewis are currently throwing in a free Blu-ray player with selected tellies.

Of the three stores, John Lewis has the most choice. Prices range from £550 for the 32-inch Sony Bravia EX503 and Sony BDP-S370 Blu-ray player, going up to £2,399 for the extravagant, 55-inch Samsung C8000 and Samsung BD-C5900 player.

Amazon is currently only offering the deal with a couple of TVs: the 40-inch Samsung C750 (£790) and 50-inch C680 (£895). Both come with a Samsung BD-C5900 Blu-ray player. The Amazon offer will continue until Christmas Eve.

While a free Blu-ray player might not seem that generous when you're shelling out over £2,000 for a TV, it makes a bigger impact when you're buying a smaller set. For example, the 32-inch Bravia EX503 costs £550 and the BDP-S370 player costs £130. Getting the BDP-S370 for free shaves 24 per cent off the total price.

Hidden treasures

If you're seeking a bargain on a specific TV, there are a couple of bargain hot spots that you should check out.

First up we have Currys, with its 'Christmas Price Crash'. While most of the discounts don't rise above the 15 per cent mark, there are still some great offers to be found. For example, you can get a whopping £1,100 off the 46-inch Sharp Aquos LC-46LE811E.

Secondly, cast your peepers in the direction of Play's 'Hi-def Essentials' offers. Particularly alluring are Play's current deals on Panasonic's generally impressive Viera range of TVs. We found discounts as high as 45 per cent, although most were at the 15 to 25 per cent mark.

Let us know if you've found any particularly good deals in the comments section below -- 'tis the season after all.