Hisense Says ULED X is 'Best LED TV' Available

This television packs a lot of cutting-edge tech into a single panel.

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The Hisense 85UX TV in the booth.
David Katzmaier/CNET

Hisense is offering an 85-inch TV at CES 2023 with a backlight that counts its dimming zones not in the dozens but the thousands. Translation: even better contrast.

The 85-inch UX is a 4K display with a 30% expanded viewing angle, an "ultra low reflection panel" and compatibility with technologies such as Dolby Vision, Wi-Fi 6E, NextGen TV and FreeSync Premium Pro.    

The company says the new ULED X offers "higher levels of brightness and realistic on-screen picture quality" than ever before. The company believes the ULED X can achieve "three times the environmental contrast of OLED TV, and two times the dynamic range of OLED TV."

"Our engineers were tasked with making the best LED TV available, and they delivered with ULED X," said David Gold, president of Hisense USA.   

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The TV features what looks to be a wildly elaborate backlighting system boasting 20,000 Mini-LEDs (not to be confused with MicroLEDs) with over 5,000 dimming zones. By comparison, last year's Hisense U8G ULED had "only" 1,200 zones -- and that was still way more than most competitors. 

The competition is catching up though, and especially when it comes to OLED. For example, the new LG G3 boasts a maximum brightness of 2,000 nits, which is still extremely bright and only a few short of the ULED X's 2,500 nits.  

The TV also includes its own 4.1.2-channel Dolby Atmos speaker system with over 80 watts of power, though we're sure a separate soundbar will always sound better.

There's no shortage of wow-factor TVs at any CES, and the Hisense is competing with the likes of the new LG OLEDs as well as Samsung's attention-grabbing MicroLED. If Hisense can keep the price of the ULED X down, and the tech works as promised, this could end up being a worthy contender.