Headphones: From absurd to kind of neat

Headphones guru Jasmine France takes a look at an article containing purportedly ridiculous headphones.

Jasmine France Former Editor
Um...what? Oh, taxidermy headphones. Idiots.nl

I came back from my wonderfully relaxing weekend to find a link to this roundup of truly ridiculous headphones in my e-mail in-box. What can I say? I love to start my Monday with a smile, especially when it's brought about by something completely absurd, like taxidermy headphones. Those 'phones have to be a design project rather than an actual wearable pair of headphones. I shudder at the thought of those bird heads poking into my ears. Similarly over-designed--but much, much more awesome--are the Thriller Headphones.

Actually, a few of the headphones the article listed aren't all that ridiculous. The Perfect Unison Plywood Headphones are actually quite stylish, and the beanie 'phones--c'mon! Those are totally useful for skiers and snowboarders. And, please try not to ridicule me too much, but I could totally get on board with the lace version of the cable jewelry earphones. (Hey, I'll take that over pink with rhinestones any day.)