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Hannspree LCD-TVs: Ooh, look at the cute tellies!

High-definition televisions are old hat -- get yourself a teeny, weeny, cutesy animal-shaped television from Hannspree

We all know children should be doing homework, running errands for elderly neighbours or sweeping leaves off your driveway, but thanks to television, they're a bunch of drooling, brain-dead idiots.

So it makes perfect sense for Hannspree to make a range of televisions aimed squarely at this demographic. We spotted a range of the company's heavily stylised TVs at IFA 2006, and though we wanted to be sceptical, we ended up so smitten that we had to be dragged off the stand.

Among our favourites were the 9.6-inch Elephant and Giraffe LCD TVs, the Apple TV and the Lorry, all of which run at 800x600 pixels, have a 450:1 contrast ratio, 16ms response time and oodles of cuteness.

There are literally dozens of other designs, so if you're not interested in cutesy toy animals, you can opt for one of the sports-inspired designs, or something from the more grown-up Style range.

They're not cheap -- the Elephant and Giraffe will set you back about £220 from -- but what's more important: money or the slow decomposition of your child's impressionable mind?

Check out the full catalogue at the Hannspree Web site. -RR