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Gorgeous amplifiers, made in Utah

ElectronLuv hand builds one-of-a-kind, vacuum tube amplifiers in Salt Lake City, Utah.

ElectronLuv amplifiers are vacuum tube designs.

For over 10 years ElectronLuv has been producing custom amplifiers and high-end components.

I think they're awesome-looking things, and I love that they're built to order. In a way ElectronLuv's design ethos reminds me of the "American Chopper" TV series where they custom build high-end motorcycles to order. But in this case it's stereo pre- and power amplifiers, guitar amplifiers, turntables, and horn speakers designed to meet ElectronLuv's customers' desires.

ElectronLuv also makes custom guitar amplifiers. ElectronLuv

Some might call it steampunk or retro chic, but I think ElectronLuv products are unique and represent the best of American high-end audio.

ElectronLuv's Josh Stippich needs three to six months to design and build each of his one-of-a-kind products. In the early design stages Stippich sends his customers drawings to get feedback so he can give them exactly what they want.

Considering the amount of artisan labor and EletronLuv's superlative build quality, the electronics pricing seems very reasonable: Hi-fi preamplifiers and power amplifiers run $4,500 to $23,000; and guitar amps from $4,500 to $10,000. The custom horn speaker systems are much more expensive, they're $40,000 to $250,000!

Here's an ElectronLuv preamplifier. ElectronLuv
They just keep getting better and better. ElectronLuv