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Google will launch a set-top box next year, report says

Google is working on a set-top box called Nexus TV, according to a report. And it could be with us early next year.

Google TV may have failed to set the world alight, but that's not stopping the search giant. It's set to launch a new assault on your living room next year with an Android-powered set-top box, The Information reports. It'll be called Nexus TV, and will stream videos from Netflix, Hulu and YouTube. It'll also play games, the report says, citing an anonymous Google employee.

Nexus TV could launch before the summer, the report claims. So Apple better hurry up with its much-rumoured TV if it wants to stay ahead of the competition.

I've contacted Google for comment and will update this story if I hear back.

Google's Andy Rubin is rumoured to have demoed a Google-made Android-powered set-top box early this year. Sources said it had a Kinect-esque motion sensor, and could be controlled with an Android smart phone, too. This latest report doesn't mention motion controls, but does repeat you can control it with an Android mobile. It also adds that Google might bundle a purpose-built touchpad remote with it.

But it won't support live broadcasts. This would mean Google wouldn't have to conduct lengthy negotiations with TV companies. This is said to be the same policy as Amazon, who's also rumoured to have a set-top box up its sleeve -- though that's one of its less insane innovations of late.

Google TV launched three years ago, but I'll bet most average people in the UK won't have heard of it. Google recently announced Google TV was becoming Android TV. Google's hoping this rebranding will help cash in on the success of its Chromecast dongle, which is pretty affordable, and much easier to use than most smart TVs.

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