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Google Home comes to Southeast Asia today

The smart speaker makes its debut in Singapore today alongside the smaller Google Home Mini.

The Google Home and Home Mini.
Chris Monroe/CNET

It's been 16 months since the debut of the Google Home, and today the smart speaker finally arrives in Southeast Asia. But it's only in one country for now: Singapore.

Alongside the Google Home Mini, the Google Home speaker will be sold online and through retail stores across the island state. There's no word yet on when the newer Google Home Max will be made available.

Google didn't reveal whether its Home speaker will be sold in neighbouring countries such as Malaysia, and given the lack of greater availability of its previously announced Google WiFi mesh routers, there's a slim chance that the Home speaker will make its way to other markets for now (though it has already launched in India some weeks back).

The Home comes with a few cool tricks for its Singapore launch, though. It will support Singlish, the local English-based creole language, and have access to local services such as Bus Uncle, a public transportation chatbot.

Google has also enabled multi-user support for the Home in Singapore, a feature that wasn't available on imported units bought in the US. This means that the Home will recognise your voice as well as those of anyone else who lives with you. It'll be able to deliver personalized schedules or music based on who's asking.

The Google Home and Home Mini can be purchased online through the Singapore Google Store, or at retail outlets from April 20 onward at S$189 and S$79 respectively. 

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