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Google Android TV comes to new 4K HDR Xiaomi Mi Box S for $60

Google's TV operating system tries to take on Roku, Amazon and Apple with a little help from Xiaomi -- again.


Android TV is taking another stab at the living room.

Unlike the $35 Google Chromecast, Google's big-screen Android TV operating system appears only on relatively expensive devices, namely the $200 Nvidia Shield and Sony TVs, for example. 

Today Google aims to close the price gap a bit by building Android TV into a new device. The Xiaomi Mi Box S costs $60 and will be available Oct. 19, with preorders starting today.

The Mi Box S delivers 4K and HDR video (HDR10, not Dolby Vision) from compatible services. It uses the latest version of Android TV, 8.1, with a new interface allowing more customization. It has Google Assistant built in, allowing voice commands with the included Bluetooth remote. There's a quad-core CPU, and like other Android TV devices it has Chromecast built in too.

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Android TV has plenty of apps -- more than 3,000 total -- and the Mi Box S includes Netflix, Vudu, YouTube and SlingTV, for example. On the other hand the Mi Box S doesn't have Amazon Prime Video, which is available on all of its competitors as well as the Nvidia Shield.


The Mi Box S succeeds the original Mi Box in the US, which launched in 2016 for $70. The new, less expensive S faces tough competition once again from 4K HDR streamers like the $50 Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K and $50 Roku Premiere+, but could find a following with Google fans who can't swing the premium for a Shield.

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