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Get an Apple TV and $25 iTunes gift card for $99.99

Apple's media-streamer box is a great choice for anyone who owns an iDevice, and now you can enjoy some free movies along with it.


Let me just start by saying: Google Chromecast, $35; Roku 1, $50; Apple TV, $100. If you're looking for a media streamer, you're probably thinking I'm nuts right about now.

Ah, but if you already own an iDevice of some kind, meaning you're already vested in the Apple ecosystem, I would argue that an Apple TV is the box you should choose -- despite the higher price. I'll explain that reasoning momentarily.

For now, this: Best Buy has the Apple TV and a $25 iTunes gift card for $99.99 shipped, plus sales tax where applicable. (I'm not sure if this same freebie is available in-store, so call before you drive over.) So, basically, same price as always on the box, but a bonus gift card to sweeten the deal.

Assuming you plan to use such a streamer for things like movies and TV shows, the card lets you enjoy a handful of rentals on the house.

Okay, why go for Apple TV instead of, say, a Roku? The former pairs easily with an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, making it a snap to view your photos and videos on the big screen. Roku boxes can now do this as well, but Apple TV ups the ante with screen mirroring -- meaning you can also enjoy TV-size versions of your favorite apps and games.

Another big plus for Comcast subscribers: Apple TV supports HBO Go, whereas Roku boxes do not. (This is stupid-Comcast's fault, but it's been like this for years and doesn't appear likely to change.) And HBO Go is all kinds of awesome. (The must-watch show of 2014 is "Silicon Valley.")

As regular readers know, I'm a huge fan of Roku boxes and feature them regularly here. I'm just saying that for some folks, an Apple TV might be the better choice. And if it is, you might as well score a $25 bonus. Thoughts?

Bonus deal: Looking for a good pair of noise-canceling headphones? The last time I wrote about these, they were $60, and before that $100 -- down from the original MSRP of $199.99. Today only, and while supplies last, DailySteals has the refurbished Logitech UE 6000 noise-canceling headphones for $39 shipped. These have earned very positive reviews, the only real downside being the need to occasionally replace its pair of AAA batteries.

Bonus deal No. 2: If you're planning to purchase a solid-state drive (SSD) in the near future, don't worry if it doesn't come with migration software. Today only, you can get O&O SSD Migration Kit 7 (Win) for free. Regular price: $29.95. Just take note that you must install and register/activate it today, even if you're not planning to use it right away.