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Get a Kinivo 2.1-channel Bluetooth speaker system for $59.99

This highly rated subwoofer-'n'-satellites setup includes NFC for quick pairing with compatible devices.


You know I love me some Bluetooth speakers, but the vast majority of the deals I see (and share) are for the portable variety. Those have their place in the world, but what if you want a speaker system for the den or living room, something intended to stay put?

In the old days those were known as bookshelf speakers, and they were typically paired with a stereo receiver. These days, our music lives on (or streams from) our phones and tablets, meaning we need bookshelf speakers designed to match.

Like these: For a limited time, and while supplies last, BlueRigger (via Amazon) has the Kinivo M2 2.1-channel Bluetooth speaker system for $59.99 shipped -- $20 off the regular price (which, I'd argue, is already a pretty sweet deal).

As noted, these would make a great addition to any bookshelf, but you could also use them as computer or TV speakers. The M2 incorporates Bluetooth for wireless pairing with your mobile devices (and NFC for super-easy wireless pairing), but also has a 3.5mm input jack for connecting with just about anything else.

The satellites themselves are wired to the subwoofer (just FYI), and the whole setup cranks out 56 watts of audio goodness -- enough for a small or medium-size room, but maybe insufficient if you're looking to jam in a really big space.

I have no first-hand (or first-ear) experience with the M2; my only previous exposure to any Kinivo product is the ZX100 mini portable speaker -- which, I must admit, is surprisingly awesome. But the nearly 130 user reviews add up to a 4.6-star average rating, and that says a lot.

Whether you're looking to give your PC a major audio upgrade (built-in speakers make me want to cry) or want a permanent Bluetooth-speaker addition to your den, this is mighty attractive.

Bonus deal: Remember when desktop-search utilities were all the rage? With good reason: They made quick and easy work of finding the files you needed. Then they all kind of disappeared (cue "X-Files" music), leaving behind only a few expensive business-minded products -- like Axonic's Lookeen 10. Well, good news, everyone! The company just released Lookeen Free (Win), a desktop-search tool aimed at home users. With it you can quickly find and preview unlimited files (though only those located on your primary hard drive). Worth a look!

Bonus deal No. 2: Game time! You can name your own price for MacGameStore's 10th-anniversary bundle, which includes four highly regarded indie games and, if you beat the average (currently $5.08), four more highly regarded indie games. All the titles are compatible with both Windows and Mac, and all are DRM-free. Plus, 10 percent of the proceeds goes to Stand Up for Cancer, so dig deep, game fans.